Here’s why you should do yoga!

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Here’s why you should do yoga!

Today, there are many practices of physical and spiritual development of man. But one of them only yoga clases will give you the harmony of soul and body, thereby strengthening the condition, to which we all aspire. In today’s article we will talk about yoga. You will learn about the impact that it has on our physical and emotional / mental state. And then you

already decide you need yoga or not.

The word “yoga” means “Union”, “harmony”, that is the harmony of soul and body. Its roots in the distant past. Yoga has been popular in India approximately in the year 3000 BC. Thus, yoga is more than 5 thousand years. And the fact that for such a long time, she not only has not lost its popularity, but also increased (due to the “penetration” in the Western world), speaks about its efficiency and effectivenes.

Yoga and health promotion

If you will give just a few hours a week to practice yoga (the best option – 1 hour a day), then two months later, you will feel positive changes in your body. You will no longer disturb pains in joints, back, chest.

Yoga will allow you to optimize the work of all body systems (first of all, it is cardiovascular, digestive, and endocrine). Positive changes will occur in the functioning of the genital organs.


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